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Review our vendor acceptance guidelines below, then complete our vendor application to join Bridgeway Station Market.

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Free for all, our market is a welcoming space for families of all shapes and sizes, including your furry friends!

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Our events are designed to entertain, engage, and educate, making every visit a memorable one.


Promoting a sustainable lifestyle and education on healthy living and environmental stewardship.

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Be a part of the success of our vendors whose labor of love is our market and community who supports us.

Vendors will be required to pay a booth rental fee, which may vary based on boothsize and location within the market.

Fees must be paid in advance of each market day, either weekly or monthly, depending on the market’s schedule.

No refunds given for rain days or missed days. Vendor payments are considered final.


Vendor Application Fee: $45.00
Farmers/Growers: $30.00
Other Vendors: $35.00

Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables, chairs, and signage.

Booths should not obstruct walkways or impede the flow of foot traffic.

Products should be attractively displayed and clearly labeled with prices, ingredients (if applicable), and any relevant information.

Vendors are encouraged to use eco-friendly packaging and minimize waste wherever possible.

Vendors must comply with all local health and safety regulations, including proper food handling practices and sanitation procedures.

Any prepared foods must be stored and served in compliance with food safety guidelines.

Vendors are required to carry appropriate liability insurance covering their participation in the market. The market will not be held liable for any damages, losses, or injuries incurred by vendors or customers.

Vendors are expected to attend the market on their scheduled and notify market management in advance of any planned absences, within 48 hours is considered an appropriate time frame.

Persistent absenteeism without prior notice may result in the forfeiture of boothspace.Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times, treating customers, fellow vendors, and market staff with respect.

Any disputes or conflicts should be resolved peacefully and in accordance with market guidelines.

We require that any dispute be handled by filling out a complaint form, before or after the market, and if any vendor creates a verbal dispute during the market it is in clear violation of market standards.

All complaints will be taken seriously, but take time to resolve and cannot result in disputes during market hours.

Our market is a rain or shine market! In the event of inclement weather, vendors can check our social media channels for an announcement within (4) hours of the market start time.

Vendors are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, composting, and reducing waste.

Single-use plastics should be minimized, and alternatives should be used wheneverpossible.

Vendors are encouraged to promote their participation in the market through their own marketing channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and word of mouth.The market will also promote vendors collectively through its own marketing efforts.

Non-compliance with market guidelines may result in warnings, fines, or expulsionfrom the market, depending on the severity of the violation.Market management reserves the right to enforce guidelines and make decisions inthe best interest of the market community.

Vendor concerns should NOT be brought to the floor during market hours unless it directly impacts the business of the market. 

To address vendor concerns, please detail your concerns in a message to our market team.

If you have any further questions about joining our market community, please reach out to our team.

Bridging Local Community & Agriculture Together

Learn What Makes Our Market a Community

At Bridgeway Station Farmers Market, every vendor is a vital part of our community’s fabric and our market family. 

Together, we'll create a summer filled with joy, connection, and unforgettable market nights. Join us, and let's make this season the best one yet!